Deleuze on Presence in and through the Arts (RMA Tutorial)

Deleuze on Presence in and through the Arts


Rick Dolphijn

Humanities, Utrecht University


Blok 3 2015/6


The idea of “presence” (and “the present”) has not only been of importance to the study of time, but has been increasingly important in 21st century Humanities. In discussions on “liveness”, within memory studies and regarding the virtual, rethinking presence seems to play a central role in life after the digital revolution. In this tutorial we will focus on how Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995) conceptualises presence thoughout his writings on the arts in particular (literature, cinema, painting and performance). In a series of close reading sessions, our aim is to get a grip on this part of his theory of time and to see in what way it can help us understand the currents of today.


The sessions will last for 2 hours each and preferably take place on Tuesday.



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