Tutorial Deleuze and the Arts: the Wound

Deleuze on “the Wound” in and through the Arts


Dr Rick Dolphijn

Humanities, Utrecht University


(send me a PM if you want to join)


Blok 3 2016/7


In Logique du Sense in particular, Deleuze’s theory of the event is very much connected to the idea of “the wound”. The wound is crucial in connecting life and death and tells us a lot about how ‘performance’ works (how performance brings death into life, how immanence finds itself at the extreme end of a history of the wound and its future). Also, together with concepts like ‘the cut’ and ‘the break’, the wound seems to tell us a lot about how the arts work, and how the arts (body art, theatre, cinema) are linked to thought. In this tutorial we will focus on how Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995) conceptualizes the wound throughout his writings on the arts in particular. In a series of close reading sessions, our aim is to get a grip on this part of his theory of time and to see in what way it can help us understand the currents of today.


The sessions will last for 2 hours each and take place on Wednesday.



March 8 1100-1300: LoS Twenty First Series of the Event

March 15 1100-1300: AO Introduction to Schizoanalysis part 4: The First Positive Task of Schizoanalysis (AO. 322-339)

March 22 1100-1300: C2 Chapter 7 Thought and Cinema part 2 (164-173)

March 29 1100-1300: Immanence, A Life…


Room to be announced.

All texts can be found online, in libraries, but preferably, on your bookshelves.